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Web Design

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Web Design / Blog Design: with samlowo enterprise you can easily showcase your presence across the glob as we are committed to building and designing professional websites/ blog for you and your organization at reasonable prices.

What is blog? Blog  Is an online journal that is frequently updated. Blog is a place or forum that you can share your thoughts on any topic under the sun. With customized blog you can easily develop or bring out your passion or God given talents by posting an article, audio, and videos on anything you are passionate about.   

Why you must have a blog or website irrespective of who you are:

·      People who look for you online: As it occurs to you when you are about traveling to any place that you have not been to, what usually comes to our mind is to get information about the place. traditionally you try to look from someone who has been there so that you can get some information from him/her. But now with the presence of the internet you will just type the name of the place on any search engine and all what you may need will be giving to you. Likewise, somebody somewhere may want to know about you and your business it could be your old friends or your fans across the globe.

·      With customized blog or website you can easily build or connect to your fans  irrespective of where they are.

·        Money: You can easily make legitimate money with your site by selling products such as books and downloadable materials etc. You can also make money by free donation from your fan or traffic, by signing up for Google and sense.

Domain name and hosting:At samlowo, we are there for you to register your domain name and host it for you as low

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