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Dear Business Lover,

You are highly welcome to our world of discovery. Discovery is the key to recovery, walking in ignorance is like walking in darkness. Information is light and light makes progress possible.

Yes, you are here to discover how to make up to N30,000 per month  without leaving your current Job. Yes! I mean you can make up to N 30,000 per month without leaving or step out of your working place.  If this is the reason why you are here or you are here by mistake, congratulation because you are at the right place where we will show you how it is being done. Truly, let’s think about it.

Is it possible for someone to earn up to N30,000 per month  without leaving his or her job when the minimum wage of Nigeria is N 18 000?

  • How much would it cost me to start this kind of business?
  • Are you sure this Company really knows what they are saying?
  • I think this company is one of those company that sell food supplement
  • May be they are networking business people I guess.
  • No it can be possible to make steady extra money without leaving my current Job… how would this be?

Dear friend, if those are your thoughts, let me quickly inform you that you are



Statement of Fact:

“It is a proven fact that only 20% of the earth’s population controls 80% of the earth’s abundance. They are successful. They are achievers. However, the other 80% struggles to survive. What this means is that 80% of the earth’s population are working and creating wealth for the successful 20%. The question here is where do you want to belong? is it to the 20% or 80%? The choice is yours.  Researchers have discovered through careful study that the primary difference between the 20% who are peak performers, achieving their financial career and business goals,  and the other 80% who struggle through life is PURPOSE .

Change is the eternal law of progress, and the principal catalyst for change is knowledge.
If knowledge is power, it is then right to achieve the right knowledge at the right time

Yes! I mean you can make up to N 30,000 per month without leaving your current job or business. If, only you know how to go about it, and how to make it happen; this why we are using this opportunities to invite you to a day special workshop title “how to make up to N30,000 per month without leaving your current job through:

The key feature of this special Workshop includes:

1. Information Business?

  • What is information business?
  • How to generate up to N30, 000 per month through information Business.
  • How to market your information Business?
  • Why information business is a business for everyone.
  • How to know may be your information products we sell before you even created it.
  • How to create your own information products

2. MTN Diamond Yello Account Agent: 

This is another way to generate income without leaving your current job. In fact it is an opportunities that MTN has provided to empower Nigerians who are ready to grab into this opportunities.
MTN representative shall be speaking on:

·       What is MTN DYA Agent?

  • What do they do?
  • How to make N30, 000 per month as MTN DYA Agent
  • How to get started?
  • What is the requirement to qualify for MTN DYA Agent?



This is another way to make money without leaving your current job. If you attend this workshop you will have a full insight on how to make minimum of N 30,000 per month without leaving your job through this Business. You will discover simple and easy way to help people to register their company or Business name and still make money even when you are not a lawyer or chatter accountants.  

4. Selling of Data Bundle.

Selling of data bundle has become a lucrative business because people surf internet on daily biases and there is need for people to buy data to surf internet more.

Remember majority of Nigerians subscribed for data every month, this implies that as many you are able to sell data for in every month will determine your income.
In  this seminar you will discover where to buy data plan at the cheaper rate that you can earn as high as N200 on any data somebody buy from you.
The good things about this company is that you did not need big capital to start with them you can start as low as N500



Dear Partner,

How to make money from Jumia Nigeria



How to become samlowo phone merchant:

How to sell on social medial: selling is one of the greatest gift on earth that every man and woman must have in all aspect of our human life. 


Dear partner,

My name is Mr. Falowo Ademola S I am the managing director of SAMLOWO COMMUNICATION AKA GabLowo Global Ventures with registration no you can verified our.

What we do


Be our guest speaker

TARGET AUDIENCE: working class who salary is from N 50,000 and below and who wanted to earn passive income

ESTIMATED TARGET AUDIENCE: 1,000 active incomes earns resident in Lagos Nigeria.


How to reach out to our audience:

Using of social medial: facebook, whatsapp, and twitter

Flyers/ invitation card

Using of churches bulleting and requesting church / individual / club/ NGO to sponsor members

We also welcome any ideals or suggestions that can increase or that can make us to achieve this vision

What to know as a partner: 

·         Please not that you are expected to deliver your speech in a simple manner and in just a way that it will be understand able enough that may not require participant to look for special or training unless it is necessary.

·         Please, see it as a platform to grow your business and to promote your company therefore we will not give any honorarium.

·         Selling of handout or any other material that can facilitate participant knowledge under the topic under consideration is permitted.

·         Collection and exchange of contacts data between you and participant is allowed but we suggest that this should be done when it is your company time to present.

·         Time is a scare resources so therefore plan your presentation on the time allotted  to you (you have 20 minutes to address the congregations).

·         Please note that your company representative name, picture and profile should be sent to us within time frame giving to you.

·         If there is any change in date, time, venue, you shall be contacted at least 3 days to the seminars

·         Projector and speaker shall be provided.

·         If you want your company logo and profile to be printed on our flyers and inside the hand book Title how to make up to N 30, 000 per month without leaving your current job. Contact us (08075800577)

Inside flyers and back cover of N 20,000 Only

Inside flyers, back cover, and hand book (one page 50,000 black and white) N 50, 000



Conclusion: we believe in new Nigeria, where the God given talent of any

Nigerian youth will be materialized, and this can be done by helping other people to succeed.

We look forward to have a good time with you.

Yours faithfully


Managing Director.




Dear partner,



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